Welcome to Glide

🐦 What is Glide?

Glide is a lightweight blazing-fast cloud-native open-source LLM gateway, delivering high-performance LLMOps in one single binary. Glide provides a simplified way to build application resilience, reduce latency, and manage API keys among many other features.

The Glide's Architecture

Glide is currently under development and the docs are updated frequently.

Why Glide?


  • Unified API: Change your model providers without a need to modify your applications
  • High Performance: Written in Golang with the best practices of software development in a cloud-native environments in mind
  • Flexible routing across several models and various strategies like the least latency, weighted round-robin, round-robin, priority-based routing. All strategies include low-latency fallback mechanisms to ensure resiliency
  • Support Popular LLM providers
  • Centralized configuration and API key management
  • Production-ready Observability: Always know what’s going on with the heart of your system via logs, metrics, and traces. OpenTelemetry is natively supported (coming soon).
  • and much more is coming



Glide is provided under Apache 2.0 open source license.

Developed with ❤️ by Roma, Max, and the rest of the EinStack Community.

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